26 December 2015

just make progress

Sometimes the points don't matter.

10 December 2015

too cold for frozen fruit

banana + fresh pineapple + strawberry kefir

01 December 2015

one day at a time

Just keep swimming.
- Dory

30 November 2015

effective communication

Learn to articulate the obstacles.

21 November 2015

stash the camera

Remember to live.

17 November 2015

sans lettuce

1/4 avocado
1/2 cucumber
1/2 tomato
last tablespoon of honey goat cheese
handful of raisins
handful of sunflower seeds

splash extra virgin olive oil
splash balsamic vinegar

09 November 2015

just keep doing yoga

Everything is going to be ok.

06 November 2015


Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future; concentrate the mind on the present moment.

05 November 2015

no more cavities

Floss everyday.

04 November 2015

eat your greens

Nearly everything can be served over a bed of lettuce.

18 October 2015

shine your light

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
- Mary Angelou

16 October 2015

become an efficient computer

Learn keyboard shortcuts.

15 October 2015

13 October 2015

save yourself

Don't drink water that's been sitting out.

07 October 2015

self compassion

Kindness begins from within.

06 September 2015

which do you spread?

Emotions are contagious.

27 August 2015

be kind

Compassion leads to happiness. Happy

25 August 2015

an acquired skill

Maintaining focus comes easy to few.

24 August 2015

production requirement

Create structure where it lacks.

23 August 2015

it gets easier

Be mindful of behaviors, emotions and feelings during times of struggle.

22 August 2015

understanding mindfulness

Learn to differentiate thoughts that serve you and those that that don't.

21 August 2015

one person

one plate
one bowl
one fork
one knife
one spoon

no dishes

17 August 2015

potato salad

boiled potatoes
boiled eggs
kalamata olives
salt & pepper

Thank you, R!

09 August 2015

how to learn

Take notes.

08 August 2015

most important lessons

Acts of kindness is the most effective happiness builder - Happy

05 August 2015

break the cycle

Creative expression eradicates boredom.

04 August 2015

make friends

Happy people are likable.

03 August 2015

nothing lazy left to eat

If you've got hours to spare:

>> bake (1) potato in oven
>> remove and smash
>> fry (1) egg in butter
>> serve over smashed potato w/
---->> salt & pepper
---->> garlic
---->> fancy mustard

02 August 2015


Best / cheapest packing material: bedding / old socks.

01 August 2015

simple fool-proof roast chicken

  1. Brine chicken for 1-2 days in:
    1 1/2 q water
    1/4 c kosher salt

  2. Drain, rinse, put in dutch oven with:
    salt & pepper
    powdered garlic
    olive oil
    1/2 can beer

  3. Bake in 350 degree (F) oven for 2-ish hours

31 July 2015

pb&j smoothie

frozen strawberries
peanut butter
fruit preserves
unsweetened vanilla almond milk

30 July 2015


We're all on our own journey.

29 July 2015

wise words...

Dictators get assassinated. Heroes live forever.

26 July 2015

bachelorette dinner

1/4 c - ish >> leftover white rice
1 >> fried egg
dash >> balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt


plant life
mixed greens
french bread
sunflower seeds

fig balsamic goat cheese


25 July 2015

with intention

It is not how far one goes, but how one goes.

23 June 2015

your muse

Channel negative emotions into positive action.

17 June 2015

great recipe starter

(3) cans black beans, drained and rinsed
(2) jars roasted pepper, diced (I use a mix of red and yellow)
(3) medium onions, diced
(2) heads garlic (cloves peeled and crushed)

(1/2)-ish cup olives
(1/2)-ish cup raisins

canola or olive oil
(1)-ish T balsamic vinegar
(1/2)-ish cup red wine
1/4 c extra virgin olive oil (fancy Spanish stuff in can is worth the price)

ground cumin
(3)-ish bay leaves
salt & pepper to taste
  1. saute onions, pepper, garlic, olives, raisins, cumin, bay leaves, salt & pepper in canola oil
  2. deglaze pan with wine
  3. add remaining ingredients
  4. simmer for as long as you can handle
  5. serve over rice

12 June 2015

use it wisely

Time is limited.

06 May 2015

lazy sangria

cheap red wine + pineapple juice

23 April 2015

new favorite treat

1:1 ---> pineapple juice to unsweetened vanilla almond milk

the learning process

failure: also always an option

20 April 2015

perfection not required

revision --> always an option

19 April 2015

ground yourself

Order of operations:
___ 1: >>> clear space
___ 2: >>> something creative
___ 3: >>> something responsible
___ 4: >>> drafts
___ 5: >>> to do list

21 March 2015

lazy vegan dinner

one can each of: corn, chili beans (drained), refried beans, pumpkin puree
to taste: salsa / taco sauce

heat thoroughly and cook out some liquid

serve over corn chips topped with lettuce, taco sauce

28 February 2015

complete with deer

Sometimes the grass is greener.

15 February 2015

personal choice

There's always a reusable alternative.

19 January 2015

develop personal subroutines

Ritualize your workday.

18 January 2015

robots are we?

Life is a series of iterative processes.