28 August 2014

in an effort to help my mother-in-law...

Use an organization system that is
  1. Affordable
  2. Modular / easily expanded upon
  3. Accessible
Don't buy an entire IKEA organization system if the nearest store is an hour away.

21 August 2014

so i'm moving...

There is no shame in posting a curb alert.

15 August 2014

it creeps up on you

Beware of getting involved in the junk recycling business. There's a reason your neighbor is throwing out that fondue set.

13 August 2014

this girl is amazing

The Domestic CEO

make it easy

A habit is only easy to form if it's convenient.

08 August 2014

you only get one

Take care of your skin, teeth, and health.

06 August 2014

so you don't forget...

Put on your shoes together.

05 August 2014

easy access

Keep your favorite cleaners under every sink.