30 September 2014

make it fun

Nice scented cleaners make you want to clean.

my favorite


Keep very few - no more than (2) plates per person in the household.

29 September 2014

the lazy salad

all veggies are washed and dried


green leaf lettuce
whole tomato
avocado, pitted and halved


smoked turkey slices
fancy goat cheese
sliced provolone

throw on a plate with a knife and fork and go to town


honey + unsweetened almond milk

25 September 2014


...keep you sane. e.g.
  • yoga
  • glockenspiel
  • drawing
  • creating

15 September 2014

avoid feeling overwhelmed

You don't have to detail as you go.

14 September 2014

two good leads!

Treat the housing search like an interview process. Your rental application is your resume - have everything prepared before they ask.

13 September 2014

looking for housing...

When couch surfing, keep your belongings in one place.

01 September 2014

i don't remember where i read this...

When sorting through papers, start with 3 piles:
  1. to do
  2. to read
  3. to file