30 December 2014


Work with your imperfections.

29 December 2014

be the change

Lead by example.

28 December 2014

random thought

What if they taught mindfulness in schools?

27 December 2014

it can be mastered

Positivity is a practice.

13 December 2014

new trend?


12 December 2014

it's bound to sink in

Surround yourself with knowledge.

08 December 2014

be present

Do everything with intention.

02 December 2014

cultivate creativity

Track new ideas in a notebook.

26 November 2014

an exciting discovery

Mason jars fit Osterizer blenders.

25 November 2014

perfect for lazy salad

Most versatile dish? The pie plate.

21 November 2014

polar bear

words to live by

If a problem can be solved, why be unhappy? If a problem cannot be solved, what is the use in being unhappy?

- Buddhist teaching

20 November 2014

leave your comfort zone

Practice w/o challenge !>> experience.

contagious, yes?


19 November 2014

surprisingly awesome

Trader Joes Honey Nut O's + cinnamon applesauce

carrot field

a symbiotic relationship

Mentorship benefits more than just the protege.

18 November 2014

never too late

Yoga will solve all your problems:

hypertension - flexibility - strength - balance
concentration - stress - anxiety - acceptance

17 November 2014

more on imperfection


the first draft

Write it like a conversation to mom.

16 November 2014

out / (the [])

art as an algorithm

computation as a painting

14 November 2014

be happy, do more

happiness++ >> boredom-- >> procrastination-- >> productivity++

12 November 2014

word can be tricky

Format resumes with tables (gridlines). Better yet, use HTML or LaTex.

different kind of energy efficiency

Eliminate unnecessary negativity.

11 November 2014

...and the relief that follows

Find the beauty of imperfection.

10 November 2014

think more clearly


lazy breakfast

1/2 banana

1/2 bowl honey nut oat cereal

spoonful boysenberry jam

spoonful pumpkin spice PB

splash or 2 almond milk

07 November 2014

don't forget

Send important emails prior delving into work.

05 November 2014

simplify life

Utilize aps for life management.

my favorite

04 November 2014

don't let others confuse you

Never forget your mission.

03 November 2014

my new favorite topper

fancy olive oil (square can - from Spain)

next time: add honey(?)

17 October 2014

just seek out the resources

You can learn anything.

no wrinkles - no iron necessary

Use a clothesline.

Save $$.

Reduce footprint.

13 October 2014

musty water bottle? no time to wash?

Try just wiping down the mouthpiece and cap.

11 October 2014

lazy ice cream

frozen fruit
plain yogurt
honey or jam

thaw slightly and mash with spoon

08 October 2014

it helps keep you on track

Always remember order of operations.

06 October 2014

just don't let them pile up

You don't have to empty your sink every day.

30 September 2014

make it fun

Nice scented cleaners make you want to clean.

my favorite


Keep very few - no more than (2) plates per person in the household.

29 September 2014

the lazy salad

all veggies are washed and dried


green leaf lettuce
whole tomato
avocado, pitted and halved


smoked turkey slices
fancy goat cheese
sliced provolone

throw on a plate with a knife and fork and go to town


honey + unsweetened almond milk

25 September 2014


...keep you sane. e.g.
  • yoga
  • glockenspiel
  • drawing
  • creating

15 September 2014

avoid feeling overwhelmed

You don't have to detail as you go.

14 September 2014

two good leads!

Treat the housing search like an interview process. Your rental application is your resume - have everything prepared before they ask.

13 September 2014

looking for housing...

When couch surfing, keep your belongings in one place.

01 September 2014

i don't remember where i read this...

When sorting through papers, start with 3 piles:
  1. to do
  2. to read
  3. to file

28 August 2014

in an effort to help my mother-in-law...

Use an organization system that is
  1. Affordable
  2. Modular / easily expanded upon
  3. Accessible
Don't buy an entire IKEA organization system if the nearest store is an hour away.

21 August 2014

so i'm moving...

There is no shame in posting a curb alert.

15 August 2014

it creeps up on you

Beware of getting involved in the junk recycling business. There's a reason your neighbor is throwing out that fondue set.

13 August 2014

this girl is amazing

The Domestic CEO

make it easy

A habit is only easy to form if it's convenient.

08 August 2014

you only get one

Take care of your skin, teeth, and health.

06 August 2014

so you don't forget...

Put on your shoes together.

05 August 2014

easy access

Keep your favorite cleaners under every sink.

30 July 2014

it powers the circuits

You're never running too late to give the animals (or yourself) water.

29 July 2014

make it a game

Got 5 minutes? How much can you put away in 2 minutes?

24 July 2014

make it easy

Always keep a duster nearby.

it boosts your mood

Open the blinds.

23 July 2014

another reason

Natural cleaners usually don't hurt clothing.


Clean the bathroom first.

21 July 2014

avoid catastrophes

Put the shoes where the dog can't get to.

19 July 2014


Start cooking before hunger hits.

18 July 2014

is happy housewife not so happy?

Where are your shoes?

16 July 2014

daily routine

Step 1: turn on music

15 July 2014

extend the life of your leftovers

 Leftover taco meat
+ 1 can refried beans
+ 1/2 can enchilada sauce
= more taco meat

Heat through and mix well.

14 July 2014

so versatile

Use instead of mayo:
  1. Avocado
  2. Bit of olive oil
  3. Dash of balsamic vinegar
  1. Tuna salad
  2. Egg salad
  3. Chickpea salad

10 July 2014

it's an art

Use fewer words.

09 July 2014


Go to work when he goes to work.

07 July 2014

they're your babies

You mustn't forget to feed the bunnies!

06 July 2014

plant matter

It's ok to sustain yourself on nearly only fruit.

05 July 2014

you need fuel

Don't forget to feed yourself too.

03 July 2014

the outfit

  1. Cleaning skirt
  2. Fun tshirt
  3. Supportive bra
  4. Sneakers
  5. Apron (optional)

02 July 2014

two steps to being a productive housewife:

  1. Have a reason to get up in the morning
  2. Wear shoes