17 June 2015

great recipe starter

(3) cans black beans, drained and rinsed
(2) jars roasted pepper, diced (I use a mix of red and yellow)
(3) medium onions, diced
(2) heads garlic (cloves peeled and crushed)

(1/2)-ish cup olives
(1/2)-ish cup raisins

canola or olive oil
(1)-ish T balsamic vinegar
(1/2)-ish cup red wine
1/4 c extra virgin olive oil (fancy Spanish stuff in can is worth the price)

ground cumin
(3)-ish bay leaves
salt & pepper to taste
  1. saute onions, pepper, garlic, olives, raisins, cumin, bay leaves, salt & pepper in canola oil
  2. deglaze pan with wine
  3. add remaining ingredients
  4. simmer for as long as you can handle
  5. serve over rice